ICSE 2013 Date Sheet for 10th & 12th

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ICSE Syllabus 2012 - 2013

by saumil shrivastava

Students preparing for ICSE examinations have only a month left for the exams. To have a good performance in the exams it is important that students cover the complete ICSE syllabus before the start of the examination. ICSE 2013 timetable has also been issued.

ICSE Syllabus 2013

The syllabus taught in ICSE schools is not as vast as CBSE Board examination. ICSE Syllabus focuses on making students have a strong knowledge of basics. The basic topics are repeated even as the student moves to higher standard. Student has to again study the introduction and then the advance topics are handled. This helps the students to have a strong knowledge of the basics and thus helping them to solve the advance topics without much difficulty. The student gets confidence with the basics of the syllabus and this makes him easier to work on advance topics later.

Also, as per ICSE 2013 syllabus it does not focus on cramming. The students are encouraged to write short and precise answers to the questions asked in ICSE board examinations. The examinations also have objective questions in addition to subjective ones. Both the objective and subjective questions carry equal weight age. The important part of the syllabus is that students are not just evaluated on the basis of examinations. The students have to study throughout the year as they are continually assessed. Assignments count around 20-50% of the marks and the count may vary from subject to subject. Projects also carry an important part in the evaluation of students. This encourage student to actively participate in the class and focus on practical knowledge instead of rote learning.

ICSE Sample Papers

ICSE syllabus is designed so that the students can easily face competitive examinations like GRE, GMAT, TOEFL. These exams test the verbal and analytical skills of the student. ICSE papers stress a lot on building the vocabulary of the student and his analytical skills. ICSE syllabus is simpler and focuses more on developing the verbal, analytical skills of the student compared to subject knowledge. The students can download complete ICSE syllabus at http://www.cisce.org/SyllabusFor_ICSE2011.jsp..

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    y_orangeTue, 06 Nov 2012 07:46:57 -0000
    i want iv std question paper model for all subjects for icse syllabus

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